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Baby’s Breathe

Indonesian | English


Author : Jindeul
Translator : amusuk
Casts : Baekhyun, Chanyeol
Genre : Fluff, Family, Sad
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : My name is Byun Baekhyun. My stepbrother’s name is Park Chanyeol. I’m the captain of my school’s varsity soccer team and I have good grades, more or less. My stepbrother has a “below average” IQ of 65. He’s been home-schooled for the majority of his life. Yes, he’s mentally retarded. Intellectually disabled. Cognitively handicapped. Whatever you call it. He doesn’t do much with his life but water the plants at our family’s florist shop and try to solve second grade math problems. He still counts on his fingers. Life’s been different, to say the least, ever since he moved in with us. My name is Byun Baekhyun and i want my stupid stepbrother to disappear.

Disney Nightmare



Author : Rendeboo
Translator : amusuk
Casts : OTP 12 EXO Member
Genre : Angst, Bromance, Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : Luhan is brought to Disneyland, where his biggest fears won’t be just the rollercoaster rides.

Matchmaker Yixing 



Author : Overlord_Nim
Casts : OTP 12 EXO Member
Genre : Bromance, Comedy
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : Chanyeol likes Baekhyun. Baekhyun likes Tao. Tao likes Kris. Kris likes Luhan. Luhan likes Sehun. Sehun likes Jongin. Jongin likes Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo likes Suho. Suho likes Xiumin. Xiumin likes Jongdae. Jongdae likes Yixing and Yixing wants to slap all of them because he’s the only one that knows about their ridiculous crush line because all of them think the other is straight. Fools. Yixing can see through all their straight facade.

To Daddy, With Love

Indonesian | English


Author : AutumnHeart
Translator : anonyx
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre : Angst, Drama, Family, Slice of life
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : They were rivals in everything, born in geniuses, always chasing the other’s tail. They practically loathed each other. But now.. it seems fate has other plans for them. Kim Jongin. Park Taehee. Two people, bound together.

Out of The Music Funk



Author : disfuncshional
Casts : Lay, OC
Genre : Fluff, Romance
Length : Two Shots – Complete
Summary : Lay plays such beautiful music, but lately my music isn’t so lovely. Can Lay really help me out of this funk?


English | Indonesian


Author : missribbons
Translator : jonginese
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : Su Ji had been struggling in following her own path and conquering the world. Or at least her world. she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride, she had always conceded that fact. Then, a boy named Jongin entered the scene and her life went from complicated to tangled.

Five For Fighting

Currently deleted by the author.

five-for-fighting2 (1)

Author : Dista Dee
Casts : Kris, Luhan, Lay, Tao, OC
Genre Adventure, Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : All we need to do is to keep it together.

Never Let Me Go

English | Indonesian


Author : missribbons
Translator : marumero
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : I was already used to people leaving or dumping me. It’s not really a new story. But someone I didn’t expect at all insisted to stay. Everything I though about him was completely wrong but in a good way. Or maybe in a bad way… I don’t know. I’m confused. I still am confused. Something about him I didn’t see coming at all. I don’t know how he does it but with the sky-high walls I built around to keep myself safe, he was able to walk through it. Sometimes, I feel like he’s always been on other side of it.

Heart of Ice



Author : dreamyflower
Casts : Luhan, OC
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : She is a cold, emotionless and rich heiress. He is a two-faced, broken and poor boy. Or so it seems. What happen when two people of such different sicial classes them meet?

Breathing Underwater

Currently being draft by the author.


Author : missribbons
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : After experiencing a humiliating event, Min Seo was shipped off to live in the coast with her grandmother and sister. Once the life of the party, she now strives to keep a low profile in her new home. As she try to calm the storm in her, she found solace from the way the waves of the ocean caresses her body. It was a wonderful and strange feeling how being around the water makes her feel simply alive and beautiful. However, this particular feeling duplicated when she met Kim Jongin, the boy who wants to dive in with her underwater. Just like that, she found herself falling for him –headfirst.

Broken Pieces (Heart of Ice’s Side-Story)



Author : dreamyflower
Casts : Lay, OC
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : A physical injury can heal itself. After some time every wound, every broken bone heals. But mental wounds? Time cannot heal wounds in the heart. It can only make one believe that the pain is slowly abating, but that doesn’t mean the wound is really healed by the end.

White Memento



Author : missribbon
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Drama, Mistery
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : Ballet student, Jung Nara, finds herself being completely ignored by her instructors and classmates. Soon, she realizes why even her friends are acting as if she doesn’t exist anymore.
It’s because she doesn’t exist anymore.
With no recollection of what happened to her, Nara seeks help of the only person who can see and speak to her, Jongin–despite the fact she perceives him as her rival. The twosome search for the answer of what could possibly happened to her and, most importantly, if she’s still alive.




Author : kpoppunks
Casts : Lay, Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Comedy
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : Zhang Yixing has way too much in common with Ahn Mira. He likes pop music, Hollywood movies, and anything in and out of fashion. Plus, he just so happens to like Madonna more than any sane girl she’s ever known, and that leads her to only one logical explanation.
She’s out to reach the eye of the school’s baddest boy, Kim Jongin, so when Yixing and Mira strike up a deal to pretend to date, it’s mutually beneficial. She can make Jongin jealous, and he can please his family. But what happens when assumpsions are turned upside-down and no one is quite what they appear to be?

End of The Road



Author : minifantasy
Casts : Sehun, Namjoo
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : Intense curiousity strikes Sehun one day when his girlfriend, Hayoung, a Day Care assistant tells him about a 3 year old boy who looks like him. One day while waiting for Hayoung at work Sehun sees his old flame coming for his look-a-like, who calls her “Mom.” Old flame, Namjoo, gives him no recognition when they meet, but when Sehun wants to be with who may be his son he will have to discover why Namjoo disappeared on him years ago.



Currently deleted by the author.


Author : Dista Dee
Casts : Luhan, Kai, OC, EXO
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : Luhan and Jo have known each other before they went at the same high school.
They have become good friens who were very close because Jo was in fact a ballet dancer who went to academy belongs to Luhan’s mom. They’re always seen together, along with their best friend, Kim Minseok, three of them became celebrities with their own charm and achievements among junior and senior students in their school.
And like the stories that Disney always told you, the son of the academy owner was eventually fell in love with a beautiful dancer who had so long amaze him.

Summer Love

Currently deleted by the author.


Author : Dista Dee
Casts : Sehun, Krystal Jung
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – On Going

Florescence of Love



Author : dreamyflower
Casts : Baekhyun, OC
Genre Romance, Fluff, School Life
Length : Chaptered – Complete
Summary : Encountering the weird and yet unusually kind Baekhyun promises to set Areum free from imaginary boundaries. A soft love blossoming during the season of cherry blossoms.

Lesson from Romance



Author : minifantasy
Casts : Luhan, Namjoo
Genre Romance, Drama
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : Modern girl Namjoo is accustomed to living with order and schedule, hesitant about commitment, but happy with herself. Namjoo finds her world immediately twisted when she finally finds interest in stranger Luhan, who she meets one day in the hospital. On her left is friend Chae Yoon who’s been speaking about an ex Namjoo’s never met. When one day Namjoo finally connects the dots between Chae Yoon and Luhan will she choose friendship over love, or love over relationship?

Sparks of Summer



Author : missribbon
Casts : Kai, OC
Genre Romance, Angst
Length : One Shot
Summary : Jongin realizes he can’t have the best of both worlds.

City Blues



Author : minifantasy
Casts : Luhan, Namjoo
Genre Romance, Drama, Mystery
Length : Chaptered – On Going
Summary : Luhan’s life currently at stake and he’s trapped in Bangkok without help. With a promise to bring daddy back home, Namjoo leaves Seoul in search of Luhan. But here in Bangkok situations turn out to be much dangerous than Namjoo’s ever imagined. The streets are overridden with poverty and deep dark secrets. Suddenly will she and Luhan be able to escape the dark life of the alleys and make it back home to their little girl waiting?





P.S: Recommended diatas bisa jadi adalah bagian yang aku suka, pernah aku baca dan aku tonton, tapi jika kalian tertarik, patut dicoba kok untuk membaca atau menonton 😀

dari Fanfiction, semuanya sudah aku baca dan Pages adalah tempat yang biasanya bahkan sering aku kunjungi 😀

kebanyakan dari Movie, itu yang diangkat dari buku, jadi mungkin terlalu panjang kalo aku nulis lagi judul-judul yang ada di Buku ke bagian Movie 😀

di Movie, itu adalah film yang berkesan menurutku, dan sebenarnya masih banyak lagi film-film yang belum aku sebutkan, tapi segitu saja sudah cukup lah nyahaha 😀

Guys, any recommendation? ^-^o

Tolong tinggalin komen setelah berkunjung ya, kalo ada yang sama-sama pernah di baca, kasih tau dong opini tentang ceritanya… ‘kay? 😀 love ya…


[LAST UPDATE January 24, 2017]


19 thoughts on “Recommended

    • The Lovely Bones keren banget 😀 dan filmnya bikin aku suka sama Saoirse Ronan pada pandangan pertama hihihi
      backsound trailer Baby’s Breathe – illa illa by Juniel :))

      • sejak The Lovely Bones itu Saoirse jadi aktris favoritku, film film dia seterusnya juga keren keren hihi 😀 oke you’re welcome 🙂 terima kasih juga udah berkunjung ^^

      • ohya? aku sih tau film itu dari guru les, jadi sebates tau dan udah nonton, habis itu gak pernah ngikutin film lainnya dia sih #plakk

      • yang paling terkenal belakangan ini film Saoirse itu The Host. adaptasi novelnya Stephenie Meyer. kamu belum nonton? aku rekomendasiin kamu buat nonton itu deh haha sekalian baca bukunya juga lebih keren 😀 Saoirse main bareng Max Irons, hot banget itu laki pokonya haha kamu harus nonton :p

      • eum pernah denger kayaknya.. tapi entah udah nonton belum yak -_- jarang sih aku ingetin judul movie gitu /loh/ nanti deh aku cari+tonton 😀 thankseu

  1. makasih rekomen nya kak.. ^^
    aku udh baca baby’s breath, heartlines, sama yg pasti never let me go.. Hihihi
    yg baby’s breath berkesan bgt.. Kasian sama yeol di situ.. T_T

    oia aku mau rekomen juga nih..
    sMoga sukaaa.. ^_^

    -The siren’s cry :

    -The 27th of october :


    udh dulu deh.. Sbnar nya msih ad lagi.. Cuman kebanyakn bromance, aku sdikt susah nyari ff straight.

    • hai Gaeul 🙂
      hihihi kembali kasih yaak, kebanyakan udah pasaran sih rekomendasi di sini huhuhu tapi syukurlah kamu sudah menikmati 😀

      untuk The Siren’s Cry, aku udah sempet notice itu ff karena ffnya Yixing, tapi karena pakenya sudut pandang kedua, aku kurang suka hihihi aku menghindari sudut pandang itu 😦

      untuk yang lainnya belum aku visit ya, kalo bromance aku agak mikir dua kali buat suka wkwkwk
      tapi sebelumnya terima kasih Gaeul :))

  2. kak ad broken link, tdi pas ak buka link out of the music funk. Yg kebuka mlah to daddy, with love

  3. sudah lima kali rekoman yang aku baca dan lima limanya ngerekom To Daddy, With Love. uh okay now i’m so curious
    btw thanks rekomnya. rata-rata belum aku baca sih. cuman satu atau dua fic

  4. allooooo. thank you for your recommendation! D; aku juga suka banget sama ff ffnya missribbons hehe kata katanya keren bgtttt. aku penasaran banget sama ff Summer Love by Dista Dee itu kenapa ya kok paenya unavailable? ;(( sayanggg bgt padahal pengen baca huhu

    • you’re welcome!
      me too ahahahha
      iya, beberapa bulan kemarin Kak Dista bikin pengumuman gitu kalo dia bakal berhenti nulis dan hapus semua karya fanfiksi yang pernah dipublish, jadi udah nggak ada lagi Summer Love-nya 😦

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